Is this a real thing?
Yes. Established in the 1930’s, hashing is one of the best kept secrets in the world.

When is trail?
We hash once per month on Saturdays at noon. Trails are always at a random place designated by the hares at least one week before trail. Check our Facebook Group Page for up-to-date detrails.

What do I bring?
Hash Cash is typically $7, but virgins run for free. An opaque, unbreakable, drinking vessel. A mighty thirst for beer. New shoes. Weather appropriate, athletic apparel. A separate change of clothing– this is important, especially if you’re driving. A fun-loving attitude & willingness to participate in our crazy-ass traditions. If it’s your first time, your ID.

How do I join?
Be 21 years of age or older, and just show up to one of our events! For virgins, it’s recommended to meet us at one of our Drinking Practices to get the low-down on what we’re about. If you join us on trail, make sure to RSVP on our Facebook Event page and virgins: bring a banana!

Do you have any policies I should know about?
It is important to know that we have a strict no-tolerance sexual or any other form of harassment policy. The forecast calls for alcohol with a chance of body parts. Do not touch anyone without their consent. Do not bully or shame anyone for any reason. Don’t be creepy. Don’t be a dick. Treat everyone with respect. Be reasonably responsible. If mismanagement gets any complaints you will be subject to public shaming and/or ejection from the hash.